I started out small. Flip pad animations complete with flying planes and falling munitions. 

Animation:  In 8th grade I was lucky enough to talk with the great John Hubley. He got me off on the right foot in the making of my first animated film Golden World, (a film loosely based on Greek mythology). I went on to do a slew of other formative works including a montage film (At War With Man) shot without the benefit of a bench or an animation camera.

Live Action:  In 9th grade my English teacher was progressive enough to let me make a film instead of taking the English final (I surely would have failed it). The film I made was not great, but I passed the course and the next year he offered a film course at my high school and I took it. I was having fun.

NYU Film:  We all reveled in the shadow of Marty. I saw Mean Streets and Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. I had a hero, continued with animation, built a crane, started my career behind the camera and never looked back.

My First Job:  Oddly enough it was in audio... traveling Europe slipping microphones onto beautiful women for an international Oil of Olay campaign. Could not have asked for a better first job.

The Unisphere:  We got a NYC film permit to climb and film on the Unisphere at Flushing Meadow Park for The Third Stone From The Sun, a lyrical documentary featuring George Willig (who would later go on to climb the World Trade Center North tower). Sitting on one of the orbital rings filming while it shook and bounced was an unforgettable rush.

Special EffectsAlien was a great break. Got to work on the teaser for the film, worked with the great Jim Szalapski, and began a long relationship with R/Greenberg Associates at the dawn of modern special effects.

Photography: Back in the day, developed a natural light, child portrait technique using 1600 ISO black & white, or 800 ISO color film, shooting backlight at 200mm, often at f2.8 and a 60th of a second, with a custom dynamic tripod rig with mounted combo shade umbrella/lens flag. Gone full digital since. Happily.

Documentaries:  60 Minutes, 20/20, Bangkok, South America, all over the United States. Very eye opening. Fun.

Commercials: Did seven years of hard commercial work with Steve & Linda Horn. Round the world, round the Horn. The hardest years... and I was desperate to return to documentaries.

Outdoor Adventures: Out of the frying pan into the fire of the longest running outdoor "how-to" adventure public television series. Three years of outrageous adventures with electronic equipment. Mountain Climbing on Mount Rainier, Hiking in New Zealand, Dog Sledding in Wisconsin, Rock Climbing & Mountain Biking in South Dakota, Canoeing in the Everglades, Bicycling in the Redwoods, Sea Kayaking the Maine Island Trail, Back Country Skiing in Idaho, Slot Canyon Hiking in Utah, Class 3 Wilderness Canoeing in Canada, Class 5 rafting in West Virginia, Horse-packing and Fly-fishing in Wyoming. That’s all I can remember right now. Anyway, after that, I was seriously desperate to return to the studios.

Digital Cinema: With the advent of Final Cut Pro and affordable digital cameras, I was able to return to my roots... creating films. My career in cinematography was the bread and butter, but I was thrilled to be a filmmaker again.

Currently: Enjoying the journey, continuing a long and fabulous relationship with the March of Dimes, producing, directing, shooting, editing, writing, narrating and sailing a 1967 Seafarer Kestrel as much as possible..